Ask These Questions Before Hiring A Bankruptcy Attorney

If you are in debt and are considering declaring bankruptcy, you want to invest in bankruptcy attorney services. They can guide you through the complex process and help you decide if bankruptcy is the right decision for your individual situation. As you begin to explore bankruptcy, you'll want to contact potential attorneys to find the right one for you. Here are some questions to ask when hiring a bankruptcy attorney:

How Long Have You Been Practicing Bankruptcy Law?

You want to hire an attorney who has a lot of experience n this area of law. Don't hire an attorney who handles general legal issues or who doesn't focus on bankruptcy law. Make sure that they've been in practice for a long while and that they have the experience needed to handle your case.

Have You Worked on Similar Cases? What Were the Results?

You want to feel confident in the attorney that you choose. If they've worked on similar cases, you'll want to get a feel for what kind of success they had. Were there any obstacles in the way? How did everything turn out? These are some additional questions to ask.

Should I File for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

You'll get a chance to go over the basics of your situation as you interview and chat with potential attorneys. See what they have to say about the type of bankruptcy that you should file. Each is very different and has different results. Bankruptcy is not one size fits all and an attorney knows that.

Do You Recommend Alternatives Besides Bankruptcy?

While bankruptcy is an option, it's not something that works well for everyone and every situation. An attorney may suggest that you consider other alternatives to save time, money, and stress. Talk with potential attorneys about any other option that they suggest. 

What Will This Cost Me?

You want to know how much you'll be spending. This includes administrative and court fees as well as the fees that you will pay your attorney. Your attorney should be able to give you an estimate of how much your case will cost.

A bankruptcy attorney can make the process of filing for bankruptcy so much less stressful. Make sure that you take advantage of their expertise and knowledge so that you can get through this big, life-changing event. Contact bankruptcy attorneys in your area to learn more about them and to ask questions so that you can better find the right attorney that's a good fit for you.